Saturday, December 31, 2011

Morgan's Wonderland

Happy New Year 2012!  We spent a wonderful time together the last few days of 2011.  We decided it was a beautiful warm 70+ degrees in Texas so we should venture out to Morgan's Wonderland in San Antonio.  We are so glad we did!

 All of the super hero kids are differentlyabled.

 Every ride is wheelchair accessible!  It was better than we had imagined.

 It is a huge beautiful park and Hanna loved driving with Dad.  Too bad I didn't have the camera.
 Hanna driving the truck.

 The kids loved the train the best.  We rode it two times.
 Hanna could hardly wait to get there to ride the carousel.  1st time was the giraffe.

 The ride made Hayden's chair go up and down.  He loved it.

 2nd time was the zebra.

 Climbing the playground.

 Awesome swings.  They even had swings that you could drive the chair right onto and hook on.

 Here we met a family from Houston that also had a child going to the Rise School.  They had driven out for the day as well.

 Hayden loves winking these days.
 The huge lake for fishing was awesome.

There were so many wonderful things to do we couldn't post all the pictures.  We highly recommend that you take your family to Morgan's Wonderland whatever your child's abilities, they will have a great time.  The price can't be beat.  Happy New Year!


matt said...

That is so AWESOME!

Mary Hanna said...

Looks like a very happy place. Hanna and Hayden are having a wonderful time. So glad you found it. Maybe we can go there when I come out again.