Monday, October 24, 2011

October Field Trips

11 Days left to DONATE to the Spina Bifida Association for the NYC marathon!  Thanks to all of you for such generous support!  Please follow my updates on

Hanna and her BFF Canryn on a twin playdate.
I even had to style their hair the same.
Our Warrior walk advocating for NAMI.
My Capital to Coast Relay with 12 of my fellow mommies all running to honor and Live Like Trevor Searle who passed away at 17years old last April.  Between all 12 of us there were 47 kids left at home with their daddies.
Trevor's momma Stephanie in the middle wearing yellow.
Trevor's parents, Ryan and Stephanie running in Trevor's honor.  It was very touching. 

Running my last 7.8 mile stretch (total 21miles) in the hot Corpus Christy heat.  Can you say sweating much?

Getting goofy from exhaustion. But loving the wild flowers at sunrise.
Refueling at the grocery store.
Finishing 32 hours later with the fastest time for a all women's team.
In order of our relay leg.  This was a special moment.  So glad that I got to be part of it.
Hayden and Hanna's Rise school field trip.  It was a blast!

Good thing Hayden's teacher is strong enough to help him out.  He loved it!
Hanna is a strong monkey to do it all on her own.

This girl can climb anything.
After the field trip we made a stop to pick up our pumpkins.
Here is a sneak peak at the prototype of Hayden's Thomas the Train Wheelchair costume.  It was much harder than I expected but worth it for sure.  He loves it and will get to use it 3 times.
Hanna is of course Rapunzel with the beautiful wig that she got at Disneyland.
This was our early Halloween event at Ronald McDonald house for Spina Bifida Families.
Hayden and his BFF Josiah with Buz in the background.


Mary; Mom said...

These are wonderful Adrienne. I love them and think the costumes are great. Thank you for updating your blog. It means alot to GaGa.

Case Clan said...

Aww...I love it! Your run looked like so much fun. I would love to try to be a real runner one day. The most I've done is 4 miles. :) Good luck in NYC!! I can't wait to read all about that one. And, I Loved the costumes! Too cute!