Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Springtime Part 2

 Springtime= bubbles and dinner outside
 Here is Scott at his first triathlon the weekend before Easter.
 We were all so happy for him.
 Hanna and Hayden in their cute new Easter clothes from Gaga.

 Hanna colored her first Easter eggs.
 Hayden's favorite therapist is always trying new things for Hayden.  Here she brought her skateboard to help his arms in crawling.
 Nana and Poppy drove out from Albuquerque for a visit and Nana made new bath robes for the kids.
 The boys checking out the view from Mount Bonnell.

Hayden saying goodbye to his wonderful respite nurse Angela.  She really knew how to care for our special boy having 2 special boys of her own.  
 Here I got invited to a small private luncheon where I got to meet and chat with Gov. Mitt Romney.  My picture with him is in the mail.  It was really cool.
 Hanna's last day of school with her patient loving teachers Rebecca & Christa & teacher from last year Jogee.  Thank God for Lakeway Christian Preschool!

 Scott and Hanna on their way to the Daddy Daughter Luau party where their favorite dance was the limbo...Hanna called it the bimbo.
 My best girls night in history...the flying trapeze.  One of the coolest scariest things I have done.  The flip and the handoff were amazing.
 Best ladies night ever!!!
 Scott finishing his second triathlon!!!  We couldn't be prouder.

 Memorial Day tri with a water sprinkler for Hanna & her cheer sign.
This past weekend Hayden got to be in his first rodeo on behalf of Red Arena.
Hanna and her mini donkey at the rodeo.
 Hanna wasn't left out of the rodeo fun on her little pony with red socks.
 Hayden getting saddled up.
 Hayden is in blue on Maggie and his girlfriend was on Sven competing on the ring race.
 Hayden got a third place ribbon.  He loved it!
 This summer Hanna's favorite thing is kitties.  Here our neighbor is doing a summer preschool and painted her face.  She didn't want to wash it off.
 Today was Hanna's first day of dance lessons.  
 She loves the mirrors, the twirly dress, the pink tights, the tap shoes and everything about it to fit her Diva attitude.

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Case Clan said...

You flew on a trapeze!!! I'm so jealous. I have got to move back soon! The kiddos are getting so big, too. :) I love hearing all about your busy lives.