Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August Fun

Many of you may be thinking eeeewwwwwhh gross! We have the sweetest dog Domino. He loves the kids and is very gentle. The kids are far more likely to hurt him than he would ever be to hurt the kids. He is great motivation for Hayden's therapy.

These are a few pictures of Hayden's new $1,800 bling AFOs(ankle foot orthotics). They have pictures of helicopters, fire trucks and police cars. The simple use of the AFOs is to help him stand and put weight on his legs properly. Thank goodness for insurance and medicaid! He really loves the new colors and designs. He cried when "Bud" took them off to size them.
Already other kids are asking about them and seeing just how cool he looks in them. Hayden is a great teacher.

The kids have been having a lot of fun trying to stay cool in the water. Hanna just loves her home made water slide even better than the pool.

Kristin also came for Scott's birthday and Hanna hasn't stopped talking about it since. We had a great visit.

Below is a picture of our breakfast in bed tray used for Hayden to sit up and play. It works more this way than any other.


Cassie said...

LOVE the dog and LOVE the new AFO's, very cute pattern!

laura said...

Hey I love the new AFO's pretty cool!

Stephanie said...

I think Nate has the same pattern except his also has a dog with the "no smoking" circle around it. Weird, and no one at Children's could explain why it was on there!

HennHouse said...

I really like the design on the AFOs--super cool.

And that dog... Esther-Faith would love a dog.