Monday, December 7, 2009

Hanna's 3rd Birthday Party

Hanna had a great 3rd Birthday!!! Here she is with her favorite present, a horse named Lucky. Thanks Kiki & Bear Paw! After her party at the bounce house, she got to open her presents at home and the sun glasses were the biggest hit:). She had a great time with all her friends that could make it to her party. Thanks for coming guys and gals!

Gaga came for the fun all the way from cold Colorado.

Below are some of our attempts at getting a nice family Christmas picture. We have yet to have any professional pictures taken of our family. I just don't know who would have the skills to work with this lil Diva.
We might be sending out a New Years or Valentines card instead this year:). Notice Hayden's protective reflexes developing.


Sweetest Of All said...

girl. is there ever a time that you don't look positively stunning, fabulous, glamor cover girl! Seriously. We need a pj's shot to confirm that you aren't half gorgeous robot!

Or not. I like the perfect Adrienne better, always glam!

Vehars said...

I love the last picture! What that would make a hilarious Christmas card?!?!?! Is your Mom here in CO now? Hope you all are doing well!