Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Fun

Hayden is now 8 months old. It was a year ago at this time that we learned the news after our 20 week ultrasound that Hayden had Spina Bifida. We had never even heard of it. We were devistated. Honestly our emotions were so strong, it was a blur as we were informed of our options just after our appointment. It was a great trial of our faith and of our extended families. Our options discussed with us were to continue with the pregnancy, see if we qualified for a national in utero surgical study, or a late term abortion. It was overwhelming. This can be re-read on our October 08 and November posts. We cried nearly every day for a long time.
For any other parents out there faced with this same information, I would like you to know that where we had overwhelming saddness we now have overwhelming joy. Hayden is a happy, sweet baby and most would never know that he had any disability by looking at him. He is a blessing and a gift that we can not deny. When I was pregnant, I feared that our lives would never be normal again. Our lives have been changed and greatly enriched. This October, we celebrate and enjoy!
Over the past month I have been collecting quite the collection of Fall photos. Attached are a few to date. This was the best picture we could get of all the kids at one time. Not an easy shoot with 4 kids under 2 yrs.
We had the unique experience of going to visit the pumpkin patch 2 times this year. This is Hanna's patient picture smile and Hayden's cute goofy scrunched up chubby smile.We had so much fun we had to go to the pumpkin patch again with our friends. The first time we went all of our photos got deleted from our camera. So the second time we went, our camera battery died. We did get some great pics though thanks to our friends.Thanks Nana for knitting Hanna this awesome poncho!

Hanna got to ride Stormy the horse 2 times!Hanna's friends Blake and Bairn.


Anne said...

such a sweet post, adrienne. and you are so gorgeous!

Becky said...

Those are my feelings exactly! Where there was great sorrow there is now great joy. They are such a miracle those boys aren't they?

Sweetest Of All said...

wonderful post

Beam Family said...

Look at how good Hayden looks!! Isn't it interesting how the Lord works in our lives, something we see as a huge trial really turns out to be such a huge blessing. He knows, doesn't he? Makes you wonder why we just don't always trust Him!!

ThatKateGirl said...

Such cute pictures!!!

Paige said...

Love the pics and love the jeans you're wearing in the first pic!