Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy Hayden's SB Clinic

Hayden had a very very long SB clinic today. We left home at 6am and left clinic at 1pm. He had an MRI and an ultrasound. The MRI was great and again no news is good news. The ultrasound of the kidneys showed he had some fuid in his left kidney. The doctor said his didn't see reflux or UTI, but we should watch it to see if in the future we have to start cathing again. Only 30% of SB people don't have to cath. We hope Hayden makes that percentage, but the more important thing is to keep his kidneys healthy. We will keep watching.

Hanna was a trooper big sister as always watching cartoons and keeping busy with snacks and playing. When we were out, Hanna and I ate lunch in the cafeteria of the hospital and found our Seton photo shoot poster up for all to see. All the staff thinks Hayden is famous. We have to agree he is pretty special!

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