Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Conception Story

As may of you know, Scott and I were unable to have children when Hanna (our miracle) came into our lives. A year later, I went back to a new fertility doctor to see if we could again have any more children on our own. The answer was that we should consider surgery or in vetro fertilization (IVF).

After many years of past unsuccessful fertility treatments, many prayers, studying and interviewing doctors, we interviewed the right one, Dr. Thomas Vaughn. He informed us that we would be good candidates for a pharmaceutical (progesterone) study that would pay a significant part of IVF. This was a great blessing.

We began our participation in the study with many tests and .... many many months of waiting. Our big day came on June 11th when I went into surgery to have 8 eggs removed for fertilization. All eggs were fertilized but only two were strong enough to continue to divide and develop into blastocysts.

I have posted pictures of our two embryos and a link to read more about technical aspects of the IVF procedure: http://www.txfertility.com/ivf-program/advanced-options.html.

Our due date with twins is between 2/4/09 & 3/4/09. We are very grateful for the path that God has led us down and for Dr. Vaughn and for his help in using his knowledge and compassion to help us receive God's greatest blessing of children.

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YES!!!!!! AQUARIANS UNITE!!!! I am so excited for ya'll(that's my best texas accent). Yepee!!!