Friday, August 17, 2018

A New School Year of Firsts

We had a wonderful summer full of rest, vacations and camps.   
This new school year, 2018-2019, is Garrett's first year at Lakeway Elementry School as a Kindergartener with his big brother, Hayden in 4th grade.
He gets to have his first teacher, Mrs. Crenshaw, who happens to have been Hayden's special education teacher for the past few years.
I can hardly stand to be without him for the whole day.  He is my baby boy.
 He is thrilled that he gets to be Batman and Superman with one of his best buddies from Emmaus Preschool.

Although he isn't in class together, he gets to ride the bus with his long-time buddy.


It is also Hanna's first year in Middle School at Hudson Bend being all by herself without being defined by her brothers.  It reminds me very much of the book Wonder and the sister, Via.

Hayden is BMOC (big man on campus) this year being in 4th grade with an excellent teacher, Mr. Fazzio team teaching with Ms. Wilson.  I couldn't be more pleased with his teacher who has over 30 years of experience.

Neal has been Hayden's nurse since Kindergarten and is now employed by the school.  It is a win for everyone.
 Nurse Christine will be with Hayden for a second year.  She is wonderful at fostering his independence.

Hayden loves school.  The new buses are pretty exciting too but not quite as exciting as being home alone for the first time in 12 years.


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